Factors that limit women and youth’s participation in the election process, as contesters and voters is lack of civic consciousness which is caused by political ignorance among youth voters on the link between voting, democracy and how that can be translated into their national development i.e. value of voting. This reflects further women and youth voter’s ignorance of benefit of voting, importance of voting which ultimately culminate in some youth voters losing their cards, selling their voting rights/cards and also engaging in corruption in exchange of gifts. Corruption tends to demotivate innocent women and youth voters turn out for fear that election results have already been pre determined hence going to vote is a waste of their time.  It is these and many other that have are culminated into low voter’s turnout during election compared to those who have registered to vote which is an issue of a great concern to democracy and development as a whole.

    Through UNDP funding  which was administered by Deloitte and Touché, WISE secured a four months JITOKEZE project worth Tshs 177,990,250/ in Newala, Lindi Rural, Kibaha Town, and Kibaha and Temeke Districts respectively.

    The project , which was conducted in 2010 election period aimed at mobilizing women and youth voters to engage in the election process and to actually turn up and vote on the election day. WISE carried out the project in Mtwara (Newala), Lindi (Lindi Rural), Coast (Kibaha) and Dar es Salaam (Kinondoni and Temeke). The target groups for this project was 190,000 women and 290,000 youth. The main objectives for this project were to increase voter knowledge on the value, benefit and importance on voting, to encourage the target group to vote on the election day and to facilitate easy access to information regarding the ongoing elections.

    Among the project results were;

    • By the end of three months and a half, JITOKEZE increased knowledge on the value, benefit and importance of voting (including how to vote) of 528,914 Voter’s in Newala, Lindi Rural, Temeke and Kinondoni Districts;
    • By the end of three months and a half, JITOKEZE facilitated easy access to information among 528,914 voter’s (on where, when, who are the contesters including when are the voter’s registration verification dates and places); and
    • By the end of three months and a half, JITOKEZE sensitized 528,914 women and youth to vote on the Election Day.

    2014 local government elections

    Using internal resources WISE mobilised and sensitized is target group to engage in 2014 local government election. These are some of educational material used. In 2015 election process, WISE has participated in raising awareness of its constituent on the need and importance of registering and voting on opinion polls that will determine the new constitution. WISE envisage to work with other stakeholders in providing voters education during the forthcoming election season.



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