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WISE PICTURESWomen in Social Entrepreneurship (WISE) was formed in 2003 and it was officially registered in 2005 out of growing concern on social inequalities and increased abject poverty among women and youth. Despite some notable progress made in gender indicators, yet equality is far from being realized for the two social groups. Moreover, existing empirical evidence shows that youth are marginalized in all spheres of life. In consequence, there is lack of their participation in governance bodies. Besides, there are poor budget allocations and poor targeting in policy objectives set in the national youth policy and other related policies. Above and beyond, patriarchal, intergenerational power inequalities that do not provide access to and control of productive resources are some of additional issues restraining active participation of women and youth in Tanzania. In this context, WISE was formed by five women – being the founding members, due to their passion regarding instigating, prompting, initiating and activating various development processes at micro and macro levels for transformation of lives and livelihoods of both women and youth in that WISE is not satisfied with just giving its target beneficiaries ‘a fish’ rather than ‘teaching them how to fish’. WISE will not rest until it has revolutionized the fishing industry.

Target group

We will maintain women and youth as our core target groups where we will reach 50,000 women and 10,000.


In addition to social entrepreneurship approach, WISE has selected to work with a gender informed approach implying that all aspects of the programme will integrate gender issues.

WISE’s Theory Of Change (TOC)

In recognition of the complex context in which it operates, WISE’s theory of change is built on the assumption that economic growth needs to be influenced to lead to the improved socio- economic status of women and youth. It identifies four pre-conditions for this to be achieved, i.e. participation of youth and women in decision making, access to and control over resources by women and youth, community empowerment to realize their rights and increased opportunities for women and youth to generate adequate income. The TOC also identifies a number of pre-conditions for each of these outcome areas. The theory of change is influenced by WISE’s belief in values that underpin a Rights Based Approach to development and the social entrepreneurship methodology.


“Tanzanian women and youth attain the highest possible quality of life.”


WISE, in partnership with key stakeholders will facilitate the socio-economic transformation of marginalized women and youth to realize their economic rightsand to participate effectively in governance processes. WISE will achieve this by applying a business model in combination with a rights based approach.


WISE has the following core value; Commitment, Accountability & Transparency , Respect (gender and diversity), Result-oriented, iinclusion and participation, Ownership and self reliance

Strategic Objectives

Economic Empowerment and Governance

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