• A seed that grew

    A seed that grew

    It  all started in 2012 when WISE through DANIDA funded women’s  power project provided in kind credit of pigs  worth Tshs 5,220,000/= . Women groups at Mvomero, have been extremely successful in their pig farming as at the end of 1 year and three months (of which WISE was not actively engaged in the field due to funding), women in Mgeta Mvomero raised a gross profit of Tshs 52,691,800/=and a net profit of Tshs31,664,260/=. Thus 69.4% of all groups earned Tshs 1,000,000/= and above. Their success story is real amazing. WISE is exploring a possibility of starting a micro finance that will organically have a potential to be elevated into a women farmer’s bank in future respectively

    [1]Data of one group in Nangunguru village Mgeta area is missing. The group did not show up in a documentation forum that was organized by WISE to take stock of achievements made and challenges faced by each group engaged in GEWE I programme at Mgeta, Mvomero.

    [2]This is both cash earned and value of pigs that are still under their custodianship at the rime of this documentation exercise (i.e balance at hand)

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